The Tailgate PartyCart of Memphis is FOR SALE …


Seeking highly-motivated entrepreneur’s looking for an affordable, fun and profitable small business venture targeting towards local sports teams, fans and tourists! Here is a unique opportunity to own the Tailgate Party Cart of Memphis! Owners/operators of this franchise will enjoy the freedom of owning an easy to operate small business. The franchise, and all local assets, are available for a one-time fee of $30,000. No annual franchise fees or residual payments! Financing terms are available with minimum of 50% down (cash/assets). Ask for details. The discounted cash price is $25,000. Call 409-203-0976 for more information.

Franchise includes:

The website with Memphis URL address linked to a twitter and yelp page

Downtown storage facility for docking cart and supplies ($45 month), if desired

Business address located at Peabody Place on Main Street, if desired

Shelving for organization and inventory, if desired

The self-contained Tailgate PartyCart golf cart with interchangeable steamer built-in

All trademarked and patented rights of use

All proprietary marketing, advertising and branding rights of use

Golf cart battery charger, air compressor/air tank

Matching drink coolers and table, Coca-Cola beverage holder

Chip clips and snack display shelving

Foodservice inventory including utensils, pans, lids, etc.

Initial food inventory of menu items to start off business

Inventory and ordering lists and resources for wholesale purchases

Marketing materials established and branded for the Tailgate PartyCart

Propane system setup with tanks and lines

Plumbing system setup with water containers, sinks and water heater

Transfer/assist with local business license, heath permit and CVB alliances

Transfer/assist with local bakery for fresh buns, if desired

Product lists and wholesale resources for menu items

All signage, banners and marketing flags for deployed food cart

Single rights to interchangeable foodservice unit suitable for golf cart, suv, truck, van, etc

Rights to transfer Memphis business to another available market and rebrand

Franchise rights to operate within Shelby County, TN

Discount availability of additional turnkey units to serve marketplace

Much more

The discounted cash price is $25,000. Should financing be desired/required, the price is $30,000 with at least a $15,000 down payment in cash and 36 monthly payments of approximately $416. A combination of cash and unsecured assets (motorhome, real estate, vehicles, etc.) may be considered.

Contact Robert Knight at 409-203-0976 for more information.

MEMPHIS HISTORY: Ernestine & Hazel’s | Visit this historic Memphis juke joint

MEMPHIS HISTORY - Ernestine & Hazel's - Visit this historic Memphis juke joint - The Tailgate Party cart USA

The building that would become Earnestine and Hazel’s started out as a pharmacy in the late ‘30s.  Continue reading

THE BEFORE PICTURE: Creating the TAILGATE PARTYcart | An electric golf cart modified into a self-contained food cart

The TAILGATE PARTYcart is taking shape.

Right now, the project is in it’s barebones stage of completion … an electric golf cart. I thought it would be interesting to show the ‘before picture’ so that you can see how everything is coming together.

The other components, including the Steam Box frame, food steamer, water heater, sinks, water lines, propane system and everything else it takes to complete the project are ready to go onto the golf cart.

Once everything is complete, the “after picture” will also be posted here!

STL Cardinals golf cart 1

MEMPHIS HOSPITALITY: The Blue Suede Brigade offers a helping hand to downtown visitors

memphis blue suede brigade

You’ll see them on the street wearing white pith helmets and big, friendly smiles! The Blue Suede Brigade, the hospitality arm of Downtown Memphis Commission, are ambassadors help create a friendly, helpful, and safe Downtown environment.

Continue reading

WE’RE STEAM-ROLLIN INTO DOWNTOWN MEMPHIS: The TAILGATE PARTYcart is headed your way | Delicious steamed hot dogs, famous side orders, snacks, sweets, and drinks | GRAND OPENING SOON

downtown-memphis-by barry-jones

Hey Memphis! I’m Robert, the proud owner and operator of The TAILGATE PARTYcart. If you’ve parked in a Premier Systems parking garage within the past three years, we’ve probably already met.

In a matter of weeks, you’ll see The TAILGATE PARTYcart cruising downtown on a customized golf cart, loaded with a self-contained nostalgic hotdog steamer, amazing side orders, fresh chips, snacks, sweets, treats, and ice cold drinks. 

Continue reading

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