MEMPHIS HOSPITALITY: The Blue Suede Brigade offers a helping hand to downtown visitors

memphis blue suede brigade

You’ll see them on the street wearing white pith helmets and big, friendly smiles! The Blue Suede Brigade, the hospitality arm of Downtown Memphis Commission, are ambassadors help create a friendly, helpful, and safe Downtown environment.

Brigadiers are trained to provide assistance and information to visitors, workers, residents, and businesses throughout Downtown. In addition, Brigadiers are the supplemental eyes and ears of the business community and our law enforcement agencies.

Responsibilities of the Blue Suede Brigade: 

  • Patrol Downtown six or seven days a week, 10 – 12 hours a day.
  • Provide directions and information about activities, attractions, history, development, businesses, and services.
  • Offer daily reports on events, activities, contacts made, and assistance provided, as well as maintenance or safety conditions requiring attention.
  • Utilize two-way radios to respond to calls from other brigadiers and to communicate directly with the Memphis Police Department.
  • Are thoroughly trained in radio and patrol procedures, observation and listening skills, health and safety awareness, history and geography of Downtown, and hospitality and customer service skills.

Meet the Memphis blue suede brigade

Meet Carl, with Memphis’ Blue Suede Brigade

Members of the Blue Suede Brigade:

Fannie G | Supervisor

Shatise B | DePree C | Patsy D | Hugh G | Sally H | Carl H | Charles J | Terry J | Verita M | Johnnie W

The TAILGATE PARTYcart wishes to express our thanks to the Blue Suede Brigade, Downtown Memphis Commission, Public Safety officers and Memphis Police for doing an outstanding job of keeping downtown more safe and secure.

If you’d like to thank the Downtown Memphis Commission yourself, please contact them via the information below:

Manager of Brigadiers, Environment & Parking

Gaston Davis | | (901) 575-0566

Manager of Public Safety

Debra Streeter | | (901) 575-0562

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