Downtown Memphis depicted by artist Barry Jones

PHOTO: Downtown Memphis depicted by artist Barry Jones

Hey Memphis! I’m Robert, the proud founder, owner and operator of The TAILGATE PARTYcart. If you’ve parked in one of the Premier Systems parking garages within the past three years, we’ve probably met.

Hogdogs by The TAILGATE PARTYcart bannerIn a matter of weeks, you’ll see The TAILGATE PARTYcart cruising downtown on a customized golf cart, loaded with a nostalgic self-contained hotdog steamer, amazing side orders, fresh chips, snacks, sweets, treats, and ice cold drinks.

The TAILGATE PARTYcart features our local sports team theme … specifically, Memphis based college and professional teams along with our beloved Tennessee Titans.

You’ll find that we’re clean, and professional. While we’re going to have fun here on this website … and on the streets of Memphis … we’re very serious about you loving the food and coming back for more.

Your comments, suggestions, and ideas are always welcome here.



The TAILGATE PARTYcart loves nostalgia, but sadly, the days of the wooden nickel have long since passed! A nickel isn’t worth as much today as it was a century ago. So, let’s move on and incorporate the past into the present … with the wooden dollar.

Every year, the TAILGATE PARTYcart will offer a new collectable wooden dollar.  You cannot get these from the cart directly. Only an authorized referee or representative can hand them out. They’re protected by armed guards in a fireproof wooden vault somewhere in underground Memphis, or that’s the rumor (that I started).

So, look for friendly people dressed in the official TAILGATE PARTYcart uniform and hat. Simply ask and you shall be rewarded!

We tend to linger around one of the Bluff City’s high-rise buildings, special events, near Beale Street or along the Main Street Mall. Coincidently, that’s where you’ll also find the TAILGATE PARTYcart on most days.

The 2014 TAILGATE PARTYcart Wooden Dollar - FrontThe 2014 TAILGATE PARTYcart Wooden Dollar - Back

The 2014 TAILGATE PARTYcart Wooden Dollar


You can bring nostalgia and great American classic foods together for a unique experience at your next special event or meeting. Birthdays, anniversaries, business and family gatherings are our favorites!

This is another way to earn or receive TAILGATE PARTYcart Wooden Dollars as a thank you gesture.

Contact us via this website for more information.


Sometimes you want to say thanks to someone special, but you want something unique they’ll appreciate. Surprise your employee’s with a gift certificate in their pay envelope or give one to a special friend as a surprise.

TAILGATE PARTYcart offers gift certificates in any denomination over $5.

Check out these pages … 

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