Deciding on Sides

The TAILGATE PARTYcart only serves restaurant quality side orders …

St. Clair Cole Slaw 2

SOUTHERN COLE SLAW … or ask for it with a twist. Four varieties only on the TAILGATE PARTYcart

  • RASPBERRYslaw (This is for real. Why didn’t you think of this?)
  • SWEETheat (You’ll never know which it’ll be … until it’s too late. Sensational)
  • SWEETsour (You’ll go all Jekyll and Hyde with this variety)
  • TEXAS HOTslaw (Wait! What’s that? It’s a trademarked secret sauce)

St. Clair Potato Salad 2

SOUTHERN POTATO SALAD … sure, it’s also available with a twist …

  • TEXAS HOTtater Salad (It’s like our TEXAS HOTslaw, but totally different.)

Chuckwagon Chili with cheddar and onions

CHUCKWAGON CHILI … you’ll be back for this … great all by itself, or let’s upgrade your dog …

  • CHUCKWAGONchili & Cheese (comes with steam-kissed onions)
  • CHUCKWAGONchili & Crackers (Steam-kissed onions can be removed for a nominal fee)
  • CHUCKWAGONchili & Chips (It’s a fun way to say: Frito Pie. You’re free to pick any chip)

Steam Baked Beans

STEAM-BAKED BEANS (seriously good … somehow they get better as the day moves along)

  • STEAM-BAKEDbeans & FRANKS (it’s like Beenie Weenie’s or Franks n Beans, but better)

cheddar sticks

CHUNK O CHEDDA makes everything betta (Kinda looks like a square cigar. But, you shouldn’t light it)

Famous Vlasic Kosher Dill Pickles … go with the Sweet … or the Sour …

Whole Dill Pickles

  • WHOLE DILL PICKLE (It’s the big classic … you’ll pucker all the way down to Beale Street)
  • STRAWBERRY SPEARS (This unique southern favorite is sweet confusion for your taste buds … more about these over on the SWEET’S AND TREATS page)

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